Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Faux fur

Miss Sophie is lucky she has floppy ears and not ones that stick up or she might end up like this chow in China. As it is, I'm planning to offer her up as a practice dog to a show-poodle groomer. She's gonna hate me.

(I see the chow's owner has one of those portable dog dishes with an attached water bottle. Kind of a clever design.)
(Photos pirated from The China Daily. How dare I? Alas!)


  1. I bet she'll look beautiful.

    We swear by the Coolpooch water bottle. You squeeze it to squirt water into the bowl on top, which your dog can drink out of -- or rather every single dog in the dog run can drink out of it, and they will bum rush you for the honor -- and then you can slurp the clean water through the tube. No backwash!