Saturday, March 17, 2007

What I'm watching

My TV lives in the guest room in the basement. I go down there and turn it on maybe once every three months.

Don't get me wrong; I have nothing against TV. In fact, I love watching TV. I love watching TV so much that I can't. turn. it. off.

I can sit there watching utter drivel for hours and hours, unable to tear myself away.

My solution is to not turn the TV on in the first place. My essentially TV-less years in China and South Dakota help with this. Working swing shift also helps; I'm at my desk when all the good shows are on. And most weekend nights I'm out and about.

Last night was one of my rare lounge-about-the-house Friday nights, so I treated myself to some TV. Flipping through the channels, this is what I came across: "Wife Swap." It sounds more salacious than it is ('70s key party, anyone?). And I got sucked in. I thought it was going to be all train wreck-y, which it was, a little, but also touching. Basically the moms from two very opposite, somewhat dysfunctional families swap homes for a week, and in the end everyone's learned something about how to be a better family.

Then I hauled out the DVDs and watched two episodes of "Sex and the City." I'm up to Season Six. I really enjoy the show; it's intelligent, well-written, funny and titillating, and the clothes are great. I'll be sorry when I've finished the series. Luckily, I've got a kajillion more unwatched DVDs of movies and TV shows when the time comes.

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