Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Think pink

Why is Sophie running? Because her most favorite sign of spring is just ahead: the neighbors' bubbling fountain.

After they turn it off for the winter, she still runs to it every time we go by, then turns and gives me an accusing look, until we have enough of a snowfall that she forgets what it's like to be hot and thirsty on her walk.

Now the fountain is on again. Oh happy dog!

I'm not yet in the pink again after last night's misery; just walking around a few blocks sent me back to bed. But Mother Nature is feeling rosy.

Soon this pot of chives will have blooms, too. I threw a plant into a low plastic bowl eight years ago. It sits out all winter, covered with snow. I've never repotted or fed it or done anything but throw it a splash of water now and then. Yet it keeps coming back and coming back. That's just the way onions are: eaten or planted, they keep on keepin' on.

1 comment:

  1. Go Sophie! I bet she loves that fountain. I'll have to post a pic I have of Kobie drinking from ours. If I forget to fill the water bowl that sits outside in the summer, they both head to the fountain - gross water or fresh, they just want a drink!

    The flowers are lovely. Hope you feel better soon.