Thursday, August 02, 2007

As if we didn't have enough to worry about

If you are going to worry about stuff when you're driving, it's usually other drivers doing something stupid, having a flat tire or mechanical breakdown, running out of gas (if you push the gauge close to empty like I do), running into heavy or slow traffic when you're already late.

And these days, no one's discounting the possibility of terrorism, which sucks.

But really, how does this happen?


  1. I don't know how it's scary. I've been over that bridge hundreds, maybe thousands, of times. I first heard about the collapse when I went online last night and saw a news headline that said, Bridge Collapses into the Mississippi. And I thought, hmm, wonder which state that happened in? It never really occurred to me it would happen in mine!

  2. What Amy said, ditto. The news footage was surreal.

  3. Kitt - thanks for the comment on my post - and for this post. It is surreal - you always think this is stuff that happens somewhere else.

  4. I heard about it just before bed last night and dreamed that a bomb went off on the Upper West Side. In New York these days, you're surprised when it does happen somewhere else.

    And saddened, and shocked. I'm glad you and yours are all right.

  5. It certainly helps when you have a govenor veto transportation bills-- even when you have a MN rep. heading up the transportation cmte. in D.C. (i.e., if we match it, we can have it.)

    The bridge had recorded stress fractures, and was slated to be replaced in 2020. Amazing that they decided a beautification project was valid (it was under construction at the time). So, stress fractures + rush hour + heavy equipment + cars on one side of bridge + design with only two contact points (the limestone river edges)....

    At least, this is what I've gleamed from the local news stories.