Saturday, August 04, 2007


I'm putting off going to Home Depot. The thought of battling Saturday afternoon do-it-yourselfers (yes, I'm one), makes me think Sophie has a better plan for the afternoon.

Meanwhile, here are some ancestral photos that are enjoying their new Victorian abode:

My great-grandmother, Evelyn Tindall, also known as Nanabanana.

My grandmother, Mildred "Nid" Willson, also known as Nana, when she was a little girl

Nana with my mom, Jane

And a couple photos of unknown origin that I love. The little girl looks very solemn, and her photo is matted with swatches of the dress she was wearing. The family shot delights me with the girl's unusually candid and mischievous grin. All presumably ancestors, but I don't know who.


  1. Love the photo of Sophie!!
    And I love your old photographs - how very cool - and perfect for your new home!
    My mom recently gave me some old family photos - what treasures. My favorite is one of my grandmother and her sister having a tea party with their dolls. It's hand-colored and priceless.

  2. Oh, sounds lovely. You should post it so I can see it! Please?