Sunday, August 12, 2007

This week's haul

The booths at the farmers market are so alluring. It's hard to resist buying some of everything!
I like the stands that sell by weight, rather than having everything pre-weighed in bags. I can say, "I want three tomatoes, three peaches and a handful of Satsuma blood plums" (which I'd never heard of).

I couldn't resist the squash porn; I haven't cooked the blossoms before, so that will be an experiment. Fresh spinach. Asiago basil bread. Saffron linguini. A nice little haul.

Sophie met a smaller cousin. She always recognizes other poodles.


  1. Yum! It all looks wonderful - isn't summer fun?
    How do dogs know their own kind?? When Kobie went to doggy daycare, he always would run over to the other black standard first. Same when I'm walking either of them - say hi to any dog, yes - but another poodle - oooh, happy dance!

  2. Sophie knows poodles, and she knows the word "Poodle!" When I say it, she looks around until she spots who I'm talking about, and runs directly over, even if there are a lot of other types of dogs around.

  3. Squash porn, indeed. Those blossoms are gorgeous!