Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Suggestive quote

At midnight it was still in the upper 70s, but better than the daytime's 90s. Sophie and I went out for a stroll.

It was very quiet and the air was still. I saw a fox crossing the street. Sophie didn't.

Near home we passed this sign on a fence. I'm pretty sure it's directed at the neighbors across the alley (the sign is pointed their way). The neighbors are new, and arrived with a great Dane and a Lab, both quite barky. I guess this is one way of trying to make a point.


  1. haha, I love that. Kind of an ironic statement though when you think about it...

  2. I'm pretty sure that fox lives in the storm drain on the corner of Florida and Ogden. As I was driving past the other day, I saw the fox crawl into the opening of the drain, unfortunately I was too slow with the camera.

  3. Hi Toblerone King! (great name). Yeah, "the freedom of the leash" is a bit puzzling.

    Cara, I really had to wonder if it was some quote I didn't know about, but nothing turned up in Google.

    Seth, I think this is a different fox; it was crossing Pearl at Colorado Ave. There must be a few in the neighborhood. I will look for the one you mentioned. Probably the same one someone over there told me they saw the other day, trotting down Ogden in broad daylight.

  4. oooooh....not a nice way to welcome new neighbors! i hope they kiss and make up!

  5. WELL, she is correct...a barky dog is not a happy dog. my dog RARELY barks and he only does so when he's in the mood to do it out of the blue, in a quiet moment to watch me have a heart attack.

  6. Yeah, I think it's true these dogs don't get much exercise, and they're left out in a pen all day. The new neighbors have been there six months, so they're not entirely new. And the sign-maker I know is on the gruff side. Who knows if he's actually talked to them about it.