Monday, September 22, 2008

The guys, gals and cars
of Billetproof 2008

Here's a photo-heavy post! I was going to break it up into smaller ones, but I like the overall effect of all the photos together.

One of the people in this post is very famous, but it's not this guy.
We were at the Billetproof auto show in Antioch, Calif. The cars were cool, but the people were cooler.
We're talkin' lots of tattoos.
OK, the cars were neat, too. None can be newer than 1964, and none can have any visible parts made from custom-molded steel (a.k.a. billet).
People of all ages were there.
With a high concentration of hipsters.
And piercings.
White beards.
And stuff for kids.
Those who dressed up stood out.
Some opted for period costume.
I thought this outfit was quite fetching. Nose ring and all.
There was some most excellent music. Lots of rockabilly, and surf music à la Dick Dale. These are the Pyronauts. The guitarist did a lot of hair-flanging.
I went up to a lot of people and asked to shoot their tattoos.
Nobody turned me down.
Some people were getting shaves and haircuts. I was reminded of the street barbers in China.
Others were just hanging out.
This guy's tattoo took 35 hours to do. He still had 20 hours to go.
Many of the girls were as heavily inked as the guys.
Even the old guys' scooters looked vintage.
Sunscreen was a must. Big hat optional.
Shorts or short pants showed off more tats.
I was amused by the cigar.
A solemn little boy whose name was not Freddy.
Some were cooking out.
Everyone was there to see the ratrods.


  1. Awesome! They all are really interesting!
    Wow..... really lots of pictures, but I enjoyed them all!

  2. That woman in the sixth picture down looks an awful lot like the gothy lab tech on NCIS. Whose real-life name I can't remember. Polly Perrotte or something like that.

  3. Wow! Is that James Hetfield in the picture under the band?

  4. You are such a tourist of life, Kitt. We all live vicariously through you. Took ten minutes to download the pics on my rural landline, but worth it. Thanks.


  5. Love the blue car photo third from the end! Reflections are the coolest!

  6. The gal with the parasol on the right look like Illeana Douglas to me

    I adore the Wicked Witch legs.

    This really entices me to participate in a few car shows. I do love me some vintage rides. I've got the vehicles, but do I really have to get all those tattoos?

  7. James Hetfield!! That's quite a score! :) These are great pix, I have to say.

  8. Thanks, all! I had fun.

    "Do you know who that is?!?"

    Um, no. Should I?

    It was definitely a good place to blend in.

  9. Ah you were right down the highway from me! One of these times you come this way we will have to meet up somewhere!

    My uncle has some old F150 pick ups and an old Desoto, I was kind of looking to see if you got any of his vehicles in your pictures but don't see any. He likes to do the car show thing.

  10. Nice pics. Was a cool day. Last two are me in my 38 and my buddy Mitch in his model A.
    Thanks, Steve.

  11. Hi Steve! Glad you like the pics. Nice rides you and your buddy have. If you drop me a line at the email listed in my profile, I can send you larger copies if you want 'em.