Saturday, September 20, 2008


In case you're wondering, the sauce I spent several days making turned out great. Each container is a generous ladle-full. I usually make my lunch right before I go to work and take it with me, so as long as I remember to defrost the sauce and leave enough time to boil pasta, I've got an easy meal all ready to go.

I keep a few things like frozen rice bowls and cans of soup handy for backup lunches. I don't think I've bought lunch in more than a month. And trust me, I do know all the lunch places around.


  1. Since I started bringing lunch to work most days (9/10), I've lost weight and saved $$. Woohoo for brown-bagging it! Er..I mean ecologically-responsible bagging it!

  2. I want to say 'holy crap' in every language known to man...that's some set up and a right proud one at that....

  3. Vicki, yes, much healthier and cheaper to do it this way!

    Thanks, db and blue!