Friday, March 06, 2009

"Now with extra poodles!"

Lannie and Leo are sojourning with me for a few days. I wanted to get a quick shot of them as I dragged them around the block before work. But posing three dogs presents problems. First, you have to get them all to stay still.
OK, that didn't work very well. I turned them around and tried it facing the other way.
Better, but with the sun behind them, Sophie's just a black blob.

No time to try again today, but I'm sure I'll find an opportunity tomorrow.


  1. I think you did a great job on the photo. I've only got 1 poodle and it's hard enough for me to get him to pose for pics! Is the pup in the center a poodle mix, or just a little thinner than the other two? Have a great time with all 3!

  2. They're pretty good to stay put without you holding on to their leashes. What fun to have a puppy sleepover...

  3. Jenny, they mostly listen to me, but they're kind of like toddlers. Short attention span.

    Lannie is a poodle, too, but she has a skin condition that makes her hair fall out and grow back funny. She was found wandering in a parking lot and was probably used by a puppy mill, then dumped when the skin problem showed up.

    Beatrice, happily, poodles are pretty smart and trainable. I don't think I could tolerate caring for a dog that had to be watched like a hawk.

  4. We can't even get our two to stand still. Silly puppies. They listen well. Sit on command, all that good stuff. But look at the camera.... Ha! Good luck on round 2. Todd.

  5. I love the expression on Leo's face and I love Sophie's stance. I'm glad that Lannie now has a good home.