Friday, May 21, 2010

On the need for more compelling content

I can't seem to bring myself to post without a photo. It's a crutch, I guess. I'm afraid what I write will be boring, so I distract you with a nice image.

Which means I need to take more photos of things besides bees. I'm starting to bore myself with all this swarm talk.

(There's a swarm I could get in the morning, but I don't want to get up early and I'm too busy later, so I'm passing it on to Hogan's Hives.

Then there's the swarm that was picked up on the 16th Street Mall today. I haven't seen one on the ground like that before.)

See? I could go on and on. Blah blah blah swarm blah blah blah.

The photo above is from summer camp a very long time ago. Camp Manito-Wish YMCA in northern Wisconsin. My mom went there, too. It's a pretty awesome camp (still). Emphasis on long canoe trips and backpacking trips. I'm a little jealous of young me, and I want to go back and do it again, only this time I won't eat the poison ivy that's lurking in the wintergreen patch.


  1. I can understand what you mean. I get bored too sometimes. I feel like I am repeating myself on political issues, or in the case of my other blog, about Weather safety. I enjoy reading your posts. It's like getting to know a neighbor. So if you talk about swarms or food or summer camp, it's all good. The pictures are fun too. You do take some lovely ones.

  2. EAT the poison ivy?!? That's compelling, in a hideous kind of way.

  3. Thanks, sister.

    nbm, we were harvesting wintergreen berries. The leaves are also pleasant to chew. When my mouth started to react later, we went back and looked and discovered there was some poison ivy in that patch. Oddly, it did not really affect my hands.

  4. I more or less constantly had poison ivy as a child -- we have one photo where I am kneeling proudly (and unknowingly) in a big patch of it -- but I never had it inside my mouth. That sounds *awful*!

  5. "Blah blah blah swarm blah blah blah." Ha! This must be an occupational hazard for those of us who become beekeepers. Pity the person who says to me these days "so what's new?" I do the blah-blah-blah-bees-blah-blah-blah thing until I see their eyes glaze over or they stop asking questions, whichever comes first.