Sunday, January 11, 2009

More stuff for sale

Spent a couple of hours yesterday trying sort, consolidate and discard stuff in my garage which is, let's face it, a disaster area. But! my house is actually tidy because all of the crap and clutter from my old house stayed out there. Seriously, if you want to declutter your life, just move!

This deaccessioning has been an ongoing process, as you know. Well, the last time I put stuff up for sale and then mentioned it here, some of you said, "Hey, I could've used that!" So if you want to buy any of these things, let me know.

I've got a fertilizer/seed spreader for $10. It's seen some heavy use, but it still does the job.

Then there's this York, three-tiered over-door chrome towel rack with white finials. Retails at Amazon for $27 (that's the Amazon photo on the left), or $15 from me.

Finally, for all your storage needs, I've got 30 plastic 12-gallon crates with hinged tops. $4 each, or all 30 for $100!
Fully loaded with books, one crate weighs about 60 pounds.

Books not included, sorry!


  1. As part of MY personal decluttering activities I'm planning to sort all my quilting fabric into color groups and house everything in plastic crates. I'll probably end up buying 10 or 12 crates just like the $4 ones you're selling. If you lived a tad closer (we're 1,493 miles apart) I'd pop on over and buy a VW full. Good luck selling! And keep talking about the decluttering; it inspires me. And yeah, you sure are right about moving being the best possible way to declutter. Not to mention the weight loss associated with moving. Always good for 10 (temporary) pounds.

  2. Hey Kitt....I'd love to buy half of those crates. Let me know if that's cool! I could swing by sometime this week and get them off of your hands.

  3. Good luck with that project, Pam! You can get these crates at Costco for $7 apiece. Yeah, moving is good for weight loss, too. And for ending up in PT for frozen shoulder after you move 70 of those 60-pound crates.

    Summer, sold! I got another order via email, too. I'll pick out the best ones for you guys. They do have some permanent marker writing on them, if that's OK. I'm doing Stock Show stuff tomorrow and Tuesday, I think, so Wednesday or Thursday would be best.

  4. Oh, I'd love those crates. Can you bring them over?? :-)

  5. Pickup only, Susan! You're welcome to swing by any time.

  6. I could use those crates!
    I wish I were nearby or at least in the same continent as you are.

    All the best to your sale!

  7. Hey Kitt...I'll shoot you an email later in the week to arrange a pickup time. Thank you! With arrival of this baby this house is getting smaller and smaller. We need to desperately organize!

  8. Blue, I'm thinking international shipping would not be worth it ;-)

    Summer, I sent you an email.

    Susan, Costco awaits you!

  9. Hello Kitt, long time reader, just de-lurking. I am also a Colorado knitter, but don't have a blog (yet.) I would take about 10 of those crates if you still have them! If you want to verify that I am a knitter and not some weird stalker, you could call Ann at Knitty Cat to verify. She knows me quite well, she is the closest knitting store to my work!

  10. Hi Glenda, I sent you an email, too. I'm down to one good crate and three damaged ones. The rest all got snapped up. So unless I do more concerted unpacking, I won't have 10 available for a while. But I'll drop you a line if that changes! I like that you come with references provided ;-)