Saturday, February 09, 2013

Double knitting interlude

I'm still working on the brioche scarf. I started over with fresh yarn (same color), screwed it up, ripped it back, started putting in lifelines and now I'm good.

Meantime, I got lured into a little side foray. Lucy Neatby teaches double knitting and got me started with a lovely skein of Blue Moon Gaea in Mulberry (I think it's Mulberry). How I could I resist?

Once you've done brioche, double-knitting feels quite familiar. You're working two layers of fabric on one needle. But in double knitting, the two layers remain separate, so you can make things like bags, pockets, straps, double-soled socks, etc. And each side can have its own pattern.

As you can see above, I worked up this swatch on one needle, then separated the layers onto two needles so you can see it's really a pouch.