Friday, May 08, 2009

Missed opportunities

Oy. Yesterday a friend's hive swarmed while I was on the phone with her. But we were both on our way to work and had no time to capture them. They were gone by evening.

This afternoon I got a call from an elementary school about a swarm on the playground. I considered going after work, in the dark, to try to find them, but common sense won out and I called someone else to go get them. Just as well; the cluster had moved to a tree branch about 20 feet off the ground and it took three people maneuvering with a pickup and ladder to get them.

Still at work, late, I got another call: big swarm on the ground at such-and-so address. Could I go at 5 a.m. to scoop them up? Ordinarily I'd say yes, but I've got an early meeting.

And my weekend is going to be similarly booked up. The hive is ready to go, and I hung a pheromone lure in it tonight. Maybe the bees will come to me.


  1. I don't think I've ever seen a swarm before. I'll be watching more carefully now.

  2. Not related to bees but saw this on and thought of you. He makes tilt shift videos! :)

    Good luck with the bees! I'm sure you'll get some soon.

  3. You and your beekeeping have change my consciousness. Even though I sometimes think I have a dandelion farm on my lawn, I try not to use herbicides, and we all know how effective it is to dig the plants (it's probably politically incorrect to call them "weeds"). To try to keep them under some kind of control, I usually nip off the blooms. This year, I've seen bees working them and therefore have been letting them flower and nipping them just before they go to seed. I haven't seen swarms, which is just as well, just individuals working the dandelions along with other spring blossoms.

  4. Betts, I think once you've seen one, you're more in tune with what they look and sound like. Listen for buzzing!

    Thanks, Kasey! I have seen one of his other videos. At the time I thought, wow, cool stop-motion! I thought it was all toys.

    Awesome, Claire! The bees definitely have changed my focus, too. I look at a flowering tree and suddenly see all the bees on it.

    Don't worry about swarms! They're not dangerous at all.