Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hard to imagine

There's now an entire generation that doesn't remember this.

I'd like to go back there someday and see how things have changed.


  1. When we were in Beijng a few years ago facing a daunting street crossing with streams of cars, trucks, buses and bicycles, my husband, a very wry fellow, said, "Remember that picture of the guy and the tanks in Tianamen Square? Now I realize he was just crossing the street." No disrespect intended on his part, but it WAS a funny comment.

  2. That is funny!

    Several days after Tiananmen, I was finally in a place where I could get a call through to my parents, who were frantic. (I'd sent a telegram, but it didn't get to them for a week.) First thing my dad did was tell me a couple Tiananmen jokes he'd heard. That was his way of dealing with the stress. My mother was appalled, but I found it very reassuring.

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