Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Poky Little Puppy

Back before all this pneumonia business started, Sophie was suffering pretty badly from arthritis. So I started her on an anti-inflammatory. But that messed up her stomach. It may have been throwing up from that that gave her the pneumonia. But she's always been a throw-uppy kind of dog anyway. She feels bad, she barfs, she feels better.

So now she appears to be over the pneumonia, but we've still got the arthritis to contend with. Here's how she walks. Notice the extra little painful skipping steps:

We're now trying something that doesn't involve drugs. Instead, it involves needles.
Yes, acupuncture. The vet at the emergency/specialty clinic suggested it. They have an acupuncturist there on staff, but I didn't want to subject Sophie to the place again. Or my wallet.

Happily, Beeb's vet does acupuncture, too, and is quite nearby. Maybe not any cheaper, though. I told her to use lots of needles so I get my money's worth.

Sophie seems to tolerate it OK, but it's hard to tell what, if anything, is improving. Then again, she's only had two sessions. The vet said to look for some "extra spark." Except she's plenty sparky. She just hurts a lot.
She really doesn't like going to the vet, but we'll keep doing this for a little while, anyway.


  1. Aww, Sophie. I have a friend who's an acupuncturist and has done work on her dogs, and she says it takes at least a few sessions. Here's hoping.

  2. Yeah, I'm hoping it works out too. Hang in there Sophie!

  3. Poor baby! Getting old sucks for everyone. Hope the acupuncture works!

  4. I used to work at an animal clinic and I agree with Lisa-- it takes a little while for the acupuncture to take effect. Does Sophie take glucosamine pills? or does that upset her tummy? big hugs to the cutie pie!

  5. I hope Sophie gets better soon. I never knew that acupuncture could be for dogs too. I never try it for myself, I wouldn't, I think.

    Poor Sophie... and my sympathy to you and wallet too..

  6. Poor baby! Hope you find something that helps soon. How about an herbal supplement. That helps my mom's arthritis some.

  7. Oh, poor Sophie. It's so hard when our pets get older (on our wallets and our hearts.)

    If the acupuncture doesn't work, would you try some kind of painkiller?

  8. I hope Sophie feels better. You are certainly providing the best possible care.

  9. Oh, the sweet girl. I hope it helps! Our Bonnie (knock wood!) doesn't seem to be having arthritis yet.

  10. Try gone pain, you can buy it online on ebay or amazon or at, it's amazing stuff, vet approved :)


  11. I haven't checked on your bees in a while and saw your below post on your pooch.

    Sending my best and I hope things work out ok for her!


  12. Thanks, everybody! It's hard to tell if the acupuncture is responsible, but she *is* feeling better. She's been getting heavy-duty glucosamine supplements for a few years now and I do know those help (loosened her right up again when I first noticed her getting stiff, back when). There's an injectable variety we might try, too.

    Jen, I'll look into DGP. It sounds a lot like the herbal supplements the vet is suggesting for her.