Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bless this union . . .

. . . of kitchen tools.

I'm also thinking I should get those Donna Hay magazines off the floor and onto the bookcase, which means I need to cull some cookbooks. A good blogging challenge in that process would be to cook something from each book and write about it. Hmmm.


  1. When I married Hubby about 13 years ago, the quality, and quantity, of my kitchen gadgets improved dramatically.

  2. That's what I've been doing with my old cooking magazines, although not writing about it. Hmm, maybe I should...

  3. This picture makes me feel great! Not sure why exactly. Probably because when I imagine the lives of my handful of blogging buddies I imagine picture-perfect everything: no clutter, nothing out of place, everything neat and tidy at all times. Even if your kitchen looked like this for just a few hours it still makes me feel less like a messaholic.