Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Up on the roof

A co-worker called Saturday and asked me to get some bees off his neighbor's house.
I tracked down Maggie, who needed bees, and off we went.

In hindsight, a bee vacuum would've been a much better option for a swarm like this. The girls were just too spread out in an awkward, high space, and we had no idea where the queen might be.

Watch and learn!

I got a small sting on my finger through the glove, and worse, one on my lip through the veil when I leaned back. I had a fat lip that night, and a fat jaw the next day. Weird! But I'm all right now.


  1. That's a real cool video! So glad your lip and jaw are back to normal.

  2. Do you collect regular honey bees or wasps too? Is there such thing as a queen "wasp"?

  3. You are a one-woman bee _machine_! Good on ya!