Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hulu hoop

I don't watch TV. I don't watch it for many reasons:
  1. I have no self-control. If the TV's on, I'm watching it. I will watch whatever's on it for hours and hours. I can't turn it off.
  2. Since I am not willing to pay for TV, absolute crap is often all I can find.
  3. I work nights and I don't like to watch during daylight hours, which leaves after-midnight viewing (see No. 2 above). Which means I can be up all night watching crap (see No. 1 above).
Yes, I could pay for better programming, but since I've already got enough things to keep me occupied, it's better for me to just not have a TV in the first place. If I don't turn it on, I won't have a problem turning it off.

Then I discovered Hulu. I had learned about "Glee" when I read an interview with Jane Lynch (she was so awesome in "40 Year Old Virgin"), so I watched the pilot on Hulu. Then I did a search for other pilots and discovered they had almost all of "Lost." Then I heard about "Community." And "Modern Family." I watched some episodes of "Scrubs."

The other night I saw the pilot for "Being Erica," which has an intriguing premise (fixing past mistakes in your life via time travel). (And let me tell you, I wouldn't mind redoing a few bad choices myself.)

So while I still don't watch television, I do watch television programming. What's nice is that I don't have to do it at a certain time, or sit through a lot of advertising. Maybe once a month I have an evening of Hulu watching on my laptop, and then I'm all caught up. Hulu is pretty awesome.


  1. If you like "Glee" you might enjoy "The Choir" on the BBC. It's a very hopeful reality series about one good young man who decides to reintroduce the magic of singing together to a group of typical highschoolers in a small village in Britain. They eventually hope to sing in a huge competition in China. Don't know yet if they make it, but I bet they do!

  2. Those are fun shows. I'm lucky that we have cable with a sort of VCR function in which we can record shows for later viewing and skip lightly through the ads.

  3. I agree, Hulu is awesome. We too have avoided cable, mostly because if we had it we'd never leave the house. That said, I like to have something playing in the background while doing other things, and I've found some gems on Hulu. Kitchen Nightmares is a favorite; I've also spent a little too much time with Ice Road Truckers (!)...

  4. I love Hulu and I simply adore being Erica! The new season should be starting relatively soon, I think...