Saturday, July 03, 2010


Exercising the dogs is a good way to avoid other responsibilities. It's a necessary interruption. Walking in town is good exercise for all of us. Going to the dog park is better for the dogs and worse for us. The dogs run; we stand and watch. Or we stroll. Or wade.

The wading is an attempt to get the dogs into the water willingly. Though water dogs as a breed, they didn't get early exposure and now they're leery. Jackson's pretty easy to persuade. Lucy not so much. But she'll come to me because I ask her to.

We want them to swim because they need to cool off and it is good, low-impact exercise. But I may have to go all the way in before they learn.


  1. I find that my poodle gets an extra good workout after getting wet. It seems to invigorate her and she runs around in a crazy frenzy and rubs herself dry. Do your poodles do that too?

  2. I had to laugh at the expression on the face - very uncertain about this wet stuff! But they will learn to love it and it's so good for cooling them off!