Friday, September 17, 2010

Water-dog progress

With encouragement, Jackson and Lucy are getting more comfortable with getting wet.

Jackson is much more inclined to go in, and his desire to get the ball is a great motivator.
He doesn't like to stick his nose in the water, which makes it hard to grab the ball. He manages by grabbing the ball with his head sideways.
Today he got out far enough to start floating off his feet a little. He did not like that. When I threw the ball still farther out, that was the end of the exercise.

Lucy, meanwhile, will only go in if I do, too. So she didn't go in today.


  1. I've only had one dog that actually would go in the water willingly. My one dog would go in to chase the ducks though!

  2. Brave, brave Jackson. And such a nice picture of you and Lucy.

  3. How fun! My little poodle is the same way - she won't go in unless I throw something or go in myself and call her. I thought poodles were water dogs!