Friday, February 18, 2011

Breakfast on the Edge

If you live in Denver, like to walk and enjoy a good breakfast, you can't go wrong with a brisk walk around Sloan's Lake first thing in the morning, followed by Breakfast on the Edge. If, like me, you consider 11 a.m. to be "first thing," you can still get a decadent cup of joe and breakfast (or lunch!).

Or what the hell, how about a cocktail:
They're still working out the kinks (my regular cup of coffee took ages to arrive and there were some billing mistakes), but we were not in a hurry and the space is pleasant.
My companions had the chop chop salad, a patty melt and a turkey sandwich. All right, some kinks remain to be worked out on the food, too: The salad was deemed OK, but "mostly lettuce," the hamburger was closer to medium-well than medium-rare, and the bread was not the greatest.

But I was quite pleased with my corned beef hash with eggs (I chose poached) and pancakes (instead of toast).
I do like hash, and this was good hash. Once the coffee arrived, it was good, too, and regularly refilled.

Overall it was a positive experience, so we're all willing to give the exercise another go the next time a fine free day comes our way.

Breakfast on the Edge

2045 Sheridan Blvd.
Edgewater, CO 80214

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