Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Floral feast

Some of the most exciting flowers in the garden right now are not the showiest. Back in March we got the peas planted and it seemed like they would never amount to much, but now they are producing an abundant crop of tasty sugar snaps. Most of which, OK, all of which go straight into our mouths as we pick them.

The arugula is an umpteenth-generation descendent of seeds I sowed three years ago. It just keeps popping up. I love its peppery bite. And the bees like it, too.

We also have tomatoes flowering (above left) and peppers (above right). Lots of peppers. The Sergeant likes spicy, so we went a little crazy in the vegetable department at Home Depot. And thanks to my friend Deb, the tomatoes will be abundant, too. She gifted us eight varieties. We're just waiting for the hot days to kick in so the plants really take off.

We should also start seeing actual raspberries (right) in another few weeks.

That's not all we have for edibles, but that's all I have in bloom right now. More later!


  1. We have rhubarb up here in Michigan but the pole beans are just starting to catch on to the netting and the raspberries show signs of berries.

  2. I think we are about the same, really. We got a late start on planting the beans, so they are just coming up now. Looking forward to raspberries!