Friday, June 03, 2011

A rocky afternoon

I've tried to keep the path to the side yard covered with mulch, but the dogs keep turning it into a dirt racetrack.
With a fair amount of effort this afternoon, I got some flagstones and pavers laid down and reasonably level. The addition of mulch and a flat of groundcover – thyme, probably, or maybe ironwort – should make it look a lot nicer.
I did get that last big paver in the back laid, too. I had to take a picture before I finished because it was getting dark.

I encountered the concrete plug for a former fence post and briefly toyed with digging it out. I even tried to break it up a little with a pickax. No such luck. But at least it was off to the side enough that I could still center the big paver.

Boy, I sure am achy now.


  1. As I was scrolling down your post, I squeeled "ooooooohhh" when I came to the pictures of the poodles causing my family to come running. Sadly, I can never seem to get enough poodles. They should be used to me by now.

  2. Kitt, your dogs always look gorgeous! I love your spacious yard. Hope the ache is gone now and things work out for you.

  3. MBP, I hope they were at least admiring of the source of your squeal! :-)

    Thanks, Blue! I'll keep adding to those aches ... always more lifting and toting to do.