Thursday, November 03, 2011

Snow astronaut

"Snow astronaut." That's what the Sergeant called this photo when he emailed it to me. I was in the back yard this morning trying to take a picture of stepping into the snow. It didn't turn out.

Yes, we got more snow. Maybe 5 inches or so. C'est la vie. It'll melt quickly.

My month of daily blogging is over. It wasn't that hard to toss something out there every day. If you take a lot of photos, you can usually find one that will help carry a post, even if the writing's not very compelling. If a post is not interesting in some way, why bother?

1 comment:

  1. Your posts are always interesting, particularly because of the photographs. I don't always have a photo, but I'm trying to take more, what with my fancy phone and all.

    Congratulations on blogging every day in October! I made it, as well.