Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Cowl me Ishmael

So the knit-along has begun. I actually got started on Sunday and I'm glad I did, as I needed different needles and also had to look up how to purl. And how to do a yarnover, SSK and K2tog. How pathetic is that?

As ever, lifelines and stitch markers are the key to my sanity. I had to rip back a couple of rows at the beginning. If I had to, I could go to the yarn shop and get help. It's not like brioche, where no one knows what the heck those stitches are doing.

Speaking of, here's the brioche scarf, all finished. It's being shipped off to Mom tomorrow.
I guess I could resolve to knit more this year, but that's happening anyway.


  1. Very, very nice! I'm this close to starting a brioche scarf. Youtube videos gave me confidence. And seeing your final product will help too.

  2. I really like the scarf. Was it difficult?

  3. Thanks! It wasn't hard, once I got the hang of the brioche stitch. I put in a lot of lifelines just in case, and I did end up using them a few times.

    I actually took a class online at Craftsy.com called "Explorations in Brioche Knitting." The pattern comes with the class, and she pretty much walks you through the whole thing. I highly recommend it.

    After the cowl's done, I'm going to try the two-color brioche.