Monday, January 28, 2013

Two-color brioche in baby steps

My goal in learning the brioche stitch and spending months on the one-color scarf was this two-color pattern. Nancy Marchant's Alex scarf is pretty darn stunning.

Well, now I grasp the concept pretty well, and even managed to get my head around working two colors at once. But my stitches are super-sloppy, the overall pattern is distorted, and I can see where I made several obvious mistakes.

Plus I am having my doubts about the colors – the first time he saw them, the Sergeant said, "Yay, Oakland Athletics!" So that's all I see now. The Green Bay Packers also come to mind.

(The easy solution would be to make the scarf for the Sergeant, but he doesn't wear scarves.)

So, do I:
  1. Struggle on with this piece and trust that my stitches will improve
  2. Struggle on, trust, and add a third color in one of the central leaves to add a focal point of non-sports-team color
  3. Start over with these colors
  4. Start over with a different coordinating yarn

That's about 40 rows of knitting there, so it's not a huge waste. I would just cut the strings and start with fresh yarn.

Oh, knitterly dilemmas.


  1. sounds like you aren't happy with how things are going, so i would start over in a new color combo that doesn't make you want to cheer for a sports team! :) it's still gorgeous though--way to go on the brioche stitch!!

  2. No advice here, but I will say that is a beautiful pattern, and looks oh-so-complicated. I liked the first one you did in all one color, too.

  3. Wow. I think that's beautiful. However, if you don't, then to quote Adriana..." shall ye rip!"

  4. Thanks, everyone! I'm going to stick with this, I think. Starting over with fresh yarn, same colors. And copious lifelines. I got through half the pattern repeat again and screwed up, but my only lifeline was back at the set-up rows. Rip rip rip. Argh.

    Knitting teaches patience.