Friday, June 30, 2006

How about a sweater?

Once the scarf was done, I went to A Knitted Peace in Littleton.

I showed Marilyn there my scarf. Can I make a sweater now? I asked.

Absolutely! was the answer. Marilyn helped me pick out a pattern and yarn.

I chose the pattern that's on the front of Family Circle's Easy Sweaters.

The yarn is Rowan Cork: 95 percent merino, 10 percent nylon. The sweater was knitted all in one piece except for the collar. I went up the back, then down the arms, then down the front (with two balls of yarn).

Knitting the two sides of the front at the same time was a brilliant suggestion from someone at the yarn store. The pattern had suggested knitting one side, then going back to knit the other. But knitting both at once meant I just did one row, then the reverse, so I didn't have to think too hard, and my tension was consistent across the front.

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