Thursday, June 29, 2006


Welcome to my knitting blog!

This is a good way to chronicle projects, if only just for me.

Mom taught me to knit a year ago, and got me started on a scarf after a visit to The Yarn Studio in Minturn, Colo. I knitted it lengthwise, using a Size 13 circular needle and Lamb's Pride bulky yarn.

It was supposed to have moss stitch, but I didn't read Mom's directions correctly and ended up with a partially ribbed scarf. That's OK. It looks fine!


  1. Welcome to blogging!

    The sock is so pretty. It's nice to see them a year later, and hear about how they wear. I'm about to start a pair of Koigu socks for myself, and I was a little curious.

  2. Thanks! You caught me just as I was dipping my toe into creating the blog, so the Koigu socks are now a few posts later.

    I've got some more Koigu waiting for me, but I have to do two more pairs using other yarn for other people first.