Sunday, July 09, 2006

Looking ahead

Today I'm wearing the first socks I ever made, and that makes me happy. (Though it's a little crazy that it's cold enough in July to need them!) And I have two different socks on needles, including the Magic Loop ones that I frogged and started over on.

Since I don't have a camera available right now, I'll talk about another project I have in mind: a cabled sleeveless turtleneck called "Lisa" from Debbie Bliss Book 7. I bought the yarn first (discontinued! half-price!) – Rowan Cork in Ivy No. 43 (I think that's the right color; I'm going from memory) – then found the pattern. I will make it longer than this photo, since I'm not a fan of the bare midriff (and I have a long waist). More like this interpretation, which looks nice.

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