Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A yen for yarn

Sock yarn is so tempting. Just two skeins is all you need! (And sometimes one, if it's big.) So it's easy to succumb, even if early on you vowed (OK, I vowed) not to buy yarn ahead of time. One project at a time, was my plan. Key word: was.

Someone with a large stash might laugh at this puny collection. But this is just the sock yarn. (Note how I couldn't resist starting on that bruise-y Koigu on the upper right.) I also have a bag full of 10 skeins of Rowan Cork (95 percent merino, 5 percent nylon; feels like cotton) in a sage-y green that was half-price. Such a deal! Such a steal! Who could say no? Plus a whoooole bunch of books and patterns.

And ... I have Aunt Susie's Stash of Novelty Yarns. More about this later.


  1. Hey there Kitt! Welcome to blogland. Good luck with your socks! I'm very prone to SSS myself ... but I'm working on some with trekking now, so we'll see how they go ... :) Jenifer ( on the denver list, too)

  2. Happy blogging, Kitt! That purple sock yarn is lovely!


  3. Thanks, y'all! I am determined *not* to fall prey to SSS. Just prey to the demons of acquisitiveness. More yarn! More patterns!