Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hot slaw on a cold day

Hot Indian slaw from Once Upon a Feast, which I found through Kalyn's Kitchen, which I found through all the bloggers taking part in Menu for Hope, which raised money (more than $58,000!) for the World Food Program.

This slaw is pretty tasty. The first batch came out too salty for me, so I made another batch without salt and mixed them together. (I use so little salt in my cooking now that I really notice it.) I used a couple Thai bird chiles, since that's what I had handy. I'm taking it to a potluck Christmas Day after skiing, so I wanted something I could make ahead and serve cold or at room temp.

This my first attempt at fancy close-up food photography. I can see why there's a need for food stylists. It's tricky!

Oh, and guess what? It's snowing again.


  1. Kitt, glad you like the "hot" slaw. And I'm glad you found your way to my I could find mine to yours.

    Don't you just love how closely connected we all get to be?!

    Happy Holidays.

  2. I'm glad you found me through Menu for Hope so you could find Ruth's yummy coleslaw. The photo looks great.