Friday, December 29, 2006

Hotel hijinks

The Adam's Mark is generally considered upscale. (I've always called it the "squashed Gumby" hotel, after its logo.) Certainly, the mojitos are fine, especially with the backdrop of a snowblower. And fun when one's co-workers are all staying there too.

Ring ring. "Hello?" "Hey Kitt, can you bring your camera up to J's room?" "Um, OK. Why?" "You'll see when you get here. J has a story to tell."

I leave the bar, go up to J's room, where I see a small crowd is gathered. J is being moved to another room. Why? Because J has just spent three hours trapped in the bathroom. She closed the door and it locked her in. She pounded and pounded and tried to get the hinges out and yelled. She could hear a co-worker laughing, oblivious to her plight, in the next room.

It was finally another hotel guest who called the front desk, after standing outside the door and listening for a while.

It took them an hour to free her ... just in time for last call.

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  1. Great site! I'll back you up, I'm a huge fan of the Peep! The marshmallow with the crunchy sugar, droool!
    I'm loving the poodle shots!

    Hope to see you soon! (St. Patrick's Day?)