Sunday, December 31, 2006

What I'm reading:
"Restless" by William Boyd

I just finished rereading this terrific novel – I rushed through it so eagerly the first time (just a couple of months ago) that I wanted to go back and savor some of the nuances I probably missed.

"Restless" is the story of a woman who was recruited to be a British spy during World War II, intertwined with the story of her adult daughter's discovery of that secret past. It's a well-told tale that propels you forward in spite of what would normally (for me) be irritating switching between timelines and narrators. It's also a story that can appeal to readers of varied tastes, men or women. It's got cloak-and-dagger elements, cliff-hanging, sex and sexual tension, psychological conundrums, questions about identity and musings on mortality.

I highly recommend it.

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