Sunday, November 18, 2007

Berry good gardener

Remember this "before" picture? Those are the raspberry canes that ate Colorado. Or at least the corner of my back yard.
Same canes tonight, when I was finally through with them:
Don't worry, they're not gone for good. It looks like there are three or four main plants, so I ripped out all the runners and dug up the volunteers that had gotten more established, but just trimmed back the main plants. I'll put in a heavy-duty root barrier around those, so I should be able to keep harvesting berries without giving up my yard to them. I might even try a chicken-wire cage for them, to keep them in one place.

We've got one nice day (i.e. 70 and sunny) for outside work left, and then it's supposed to be in the 30s and snowing the rest of the week. Gotta love the weather here.


  1. You did all that in one day? What other super powers are you hiding? And what about your shoulder?

  2. Heh, no superpowers involved! Just tenacity. Once I started pruning and yanking and digging, it didn't seem that hard. Helped that I had heavy-duty leather gloves.

    The shoulder is OK. As long as I don't try to raise my arm very high or bend it backwards. I figured I'd better get all this stuff done before I start PT; who knows what they'll tell me I can't do!

  3. Wah, you could have packed those runners in plastic bags and sent them all to me! ~ Dani

  4. Oh, Dani, they weren't in any shape to be mailed by the time I was done with them. I was on a holy tear.