Sunday, November 11, 2007

Luck runs out

I did not win the lottery. Darn!

Guess it's back to work for me to earn Sophie's kibble. And to pay for Pascal's artistry. And the electrician.

When I was having the bookcases built in my old place, a few people said, "Why are you paying all that for something you can't take with you?" I think part of that springs from a renter's mentality (we've all been there), much as some of us find it hard to let go of a good box. (It's sturdy! It has handholds! I can use it again!) I moved five times in two years, and trust me, I stored a lot of empty cardboard.

But I've lived with my share of crummy bookcases, and figured out that quality bookcases, in the amount and sizes I needed, wouldn't cost much less than built-ins, and if I moved, wouldn't necessarily fit in the new space. That has turned out to be true. Plus, I could recoup some of the cost in added house value. Homeowner's mentality, that.

Finally, I've just always wanted to have a book-lined room (or rooms), where books are as much a part of the architecture as windows and doors.

Some people will skimp and save to go on a cruise, have a fancy stereo or buy the latest sports car. My indulgence is bookshelves.

Well, that and good restaurants and an occasional pedicure.

No, I don't think my luck has really run out. Just the little bit of it related to winning sweepstakes.


  1. Speaking of bookshelves... check out Keith & Jules in the Nov 5280!

  2. I was in that library once (Trinity) and it took my breath away. More books is always better!

  3. Wow, beeb. I'll pick up a copy! (For those of you following along at home, Beeb is referring to the strawbale house I posted about earlier.)

    Alecto, I am jealous. I would love to visit Trinity's library someday.