Friday, November 16, 2007

Still in one piece!

My rotator cuff, that is. Hooray! However, I do have tendonitis (a.k.a. bursitis) that has resulted in impingement, which explains why I can't lift my arm. The inflamed tendons are pushing on the bursa, which is the little fluid-filled sack that allows them to slide smoothly between the top of the arm bone and the bottom of the shoulder bone. Basically, everything just locks up.

So, physical therapy is prescribed to strengthen the muscles and take the pressure off the tendon. I got a referral to a physical therapist (three blocks from home) and have an appointment for the Wednesday after Thanksgiving.

I confess, I was almost looking forward to a quick surgery to fix this, so I could take some time off work. Instead, I'll be doing some not-so-fun exercising on my own time. But them's the breaks.


  1. Quick surgery fix? No way is it quick! Plus it's invasive. And, there is physical therapy after that, too!

    Glad it's not that major and can be fixed.

  2. heh. quick surgery to fix this.. you're funny. dude, you'd still have needed PT and recovery is LONG. You got a much better outcome!
    But, I understand the desire for quick fixes.. I wish for one every time I sit one the couch watching exercise videos eating M&Ms :)

  3. Ouch. Well, progress will be slow, but it can be helped. I've had tendonitis in my forearms--took a combination of physical therapy, acupuncture, and deep-tissue massage to help it. And no, the deep-tissue massage is not the fun, relaxing kind--it actually hurts and left me with bruises--but wow, what a difference.

  4. Leah, you're such a trendsetter!

    I know, I know, surgery would've been worse. But a torn rotator cuff is something athletes get. Bursitis? That's an "old folks" problem. Dammit.

    Hand me those M&Ms, beeb.

  5. Old folks! I was in my thirties, which explains the pre-MRI days.

  6. I know! But how many young folks do you hear complaining about their bursitis? Next up, sciatica and bunions. Oy.

    I'll be really convincing next year when I haul out my crabby neighbor costume.

  7. Get off my damn lawn!

    Seriously, that's great news. Dave has bursitis and has since his 20s. I think it's just one of those weird things, like lumbago, that no one thinks about. And the nice thing about the PT is I bet you'll feel better than you have in aaaaages once it gets going. And totally on the PT massage leaving bruises.

  8. I'm glad you are going to be okay. Sorry you are in pain, but it sounds like it could have been much worse.

    Physical therapy sucks. Take care of yourself!