Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Animal planet

We're still encouraging Jackson to go in the water. Lucy, too, but she's made it pretty clear that she suspects treachery, so we don't push it. Plus, the weather's gotten colder.

Which means Lucy seeks out sunbeams.
Both dogs also seek out the cats, when they can. The cats know it's not safe to come downstairs. The dogs know they will risk our wrath if they go upstairs. So there's a lot of mutual eyeballing through the spindles.


  1. Everyone is so cute that I can barely stand it! I didn't know about the additional 4-legged creatures in your midst--sweet. Spindle-eyeballing is a nice phrase. And the video reminds me so much of the pond next door to my house. I thought poodles were naturally drawn to water? How are your bees, by the way?

  2. Hey Pam. The kitties arrived with The Sergeant. They live upstairs. The dogs now live downstairs. And ne'er the twain shall meet, sadly.

    The poodles, while genetically water dogs, were trained early on to avoid water, or were not exposed to it, so it's taking some persuasion to get them in. We'll work on it more next summer.

    The bees are sort of bedded down for the winter, but we haven't had much winter, so they've been out and about quite a bit. Seem to be surviving OK! We'll do a honey harvest in the spring, of whatever they have left over once the nectar flow is on.