Saturday, December 11, 2010

Martha Wrap? Really?

I did a double-take at Safeway the other day. "Martha Wrap???" It's a brand-new product, foil lined with parchment paper. According to the Martha test kitchen blog, it's "perfect to use when roasting vegetables or fruit, cooking en papillote, and lining baking sheets. It’s great for reheating leftovers in the oven and perfect for wrapping up left-over baked goods."

But for most of those tasks, plain parchment paper or plain foil works just fine. So why would you spend more for this stuff? ($5 for 40 feet.) Has anyone tried it?


  1. Hasn't hit the stores in my neck of the woods yet (midwest). I won't be buying it if/when it does. I'm with you-parchment or foil, but not both.

  2. I'm sort of against buying stuff sold by celebrities. No good reason; just a contrary streak in my makeup. You know, like Paul Newman's salad dressing (although he did give the profits to a very worthy cause).

  3. Whoa - is there anything Martha doesn't have her hands in now? Yesterday I was listening to Pandora radio and a Louie Armstrong song came on. When I looked to see what album it was from, I saw that it was from the "Martha Stewart Christmas Jazz Album" Really??!