Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Neighborhood surprise: Budapest Bistro

I have had a mental block about Budapest Bistro. Had dinner there once, maybe 10 years ago, thought it was just OK. I rarely saw more than a couple of tables occupied in the evening. I wondered how they could stay in business, year after year.
The Sergeant wondered about the place, too. "How come we've never gone there?" So we went a few weeks ago. And had a pretty nice dinner.
For starters, you know I like a good cosmopolitan. That's my go-to drink when a mojito doesn't seem a likely option. The Sergeant tried some palinka (a plum brandy, like slivovitz). The cosmo was better for sipping. I think the palinka is best tossed back as a shot.
Some fried mushroom caps were a tasty appetizer. They're stuffed with feta cheese, breaded and fried, then served with a tarragon-garlic-mayo sauce.
One of the specials was stuffed cabbage leaves with a saurkraut cream sauce. "You had me at saurkraut," I told the waitress. The leaves were stuffed with a mixture of beef and rice. They were quite large (and the mashed potatoes were generous), so I saved one for lunch the next day. Good plan.

The Sergeant got the beef goulash, which he said was tasty. He wants to go back and try the chicken paprikash, too.

Sorry the photos are so poor. The light was rather dim.
Finally, we shared a dessert of sweet-cheese palacsinta, a crepe filled with cottage cheese, orange and lemon zest, in a warm vanilla sauce. Yum.

Most apps are $8-$9, and entrees are $15-$19. The service was friendly and competent. We're glad to have found another neighborhood place we can walk to – and stumble home from!

Budapest Bistro
(Warning: The site plays music. The pause button's on the left side, under the navigation menu.)
1585 South Pearl Street
Denver, CO 80210-2634
(303) 744-2520

(P.S. You might want to opt for a table instead of a booth. The booths have wobbly, knobby backs.)

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