Saturday, January 22, 2011


I keep trying to make this blog more consistently interesting but I'm not trying hard enough. And it's boring to talk about how boring one's blog is. So. Here's another post!

Leo (that's him on the left) is staying with us for a few days. His sister, Lannie, died of pneumonia last summer. We always thought Leo would be the first to go, because of his multiple health problems, but here he is, still chugging along. He used to be a lot more annoying – he likes to bark ... a lot – but now he sleeps much of the time and is more subdued.

I think he is enjoying his stay with Lucy and Jackson. It must be lonely for him without Lannie.


  1. Love your blog and boring? Not hardly, woman! I agree with the previous comment, Jackson's pose is adorable!

  2. Thanks! Jackson always looks like a stuffed animal. He likes to be squeezed like one, too.