Monday, January 24, 2011

It's all a blur

Thanks to Groupon, we got $7 tickets to the Draft Horse and Mule Show Saturday night, which was a darn good deal, since it included grounds admission. We went in the afternoon and watched the sheepdog trials. I love, love, love the sheepdog trials and try to go every year.

I took a lot of blurry photos, none worth posting.

Then we went to the draft horse and mule show and I took more blurry photos. I'm pretending the one above, of Percherons in a six-horse hitch, is artsy.

I had more success shooting video. Here's a mule-rider "pole bending." She outrode all the others by a wide margin.

I got a few better shots after the show, when we wandered through the horse barn. This sweet mule was in his zebra jammies, ready to bed down for the night.
The National Western Stock Show is now over. Be sure to make plans to go next year if you can!

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