Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kung pao tacos

I've heard of kimchi tacos and spaghetti tacos, so why not kung pao tacos? But no, I'm really talking about two different meals I had recently.

At East Asia Garden the other day, the Sergeant and I enjoyed some pork and cabbage jiaozi (boiled dumplings), kung pao chicken and sesame balls. We are big fans of the sesame balls.
East Asia Garden's owners are from Northeast China, so it is fun to practice my rusty Mandarin with them (my first year in China was spent in the northeast's Jilin Province, so the accent is easier for me to understand). Their food is good and reasonably priced. The service is friendly. Not always speedy but we don't like to eat in a hurry. I like the way they mold the rice, too. It's original.

If you want to try some Chinese dishes from a less-known region, stop in East Asia Garden or order takeout sometime.

East Asia Garden
1156 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80210-1502
(303) 722-9968

On Saturday night, we headed up to Westminster with friends to try a Mexican place mentioned in Denver on a Spit.
Toluca is short on atmosphere but long on friendly service and yes, awesome tacos al pastor. I had straight-up tacos (with extra pineapple) while the Sergeant had the combo plate with beans and rice, which he said were quite tasty. The margaritas were passable, and we all enjoyed the sopapillas.

If you're up on the north side of town, go get you some tacos there!

Toluca Mexican Restaurant
9165 Lowell Boulevard
Westminster, CO

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  1. Umm I love al pastor but it just kills my belly :( Looks delicious though :)