Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Good Place for a Drink & a Natter

Here's a first world problem (as they say): It's hard to find a decent place to drink downtown that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, isn't a sports bar, isn't too loud and isn't a complete dive. 

Well, we didn't do much research, so we washed up at the Cruise Room in the Oxford Hotel, across from Union Station. Convenient for catching buses and trains, as we needed to do. ("We" being me and a co-worker, blowing off steam.)

The Cruise Room is in the arm and leg category, but the decor is lovely, and there's a certain nostalgic component. I used to go there a lot 20 years ago. It made me feel sophisticated and mature. I suppose it still does, though I think have the maturity thing down now. Mostly. Sophistication is only occasionally in evidence.

The Caesar salad had actual anchovies. We ordered spiced nuts, too. Washed it all down with bourbon Manahattans (her) and rye Sazeracs (me). Talked about work and past jobs, sewing, the women's march, blogging.

It's hard to get back into storytelling mode. Remembering to take pictures. Thinking of an angle. Making it interesting. 

This is a little boring, and the photos are bad. But it's a post!


  1. I am going to the women's march. Will I see you there?

  2. I'm going to the Denver version. Are you going to DC? Good for you!