Friday, January 13, 2017

Patching Denim With Shashiko Embroidery

Not long after I got these nice French Dressing jeans, I fell on concrete and tore a hole in the knee. Dammit! Since then, they've been hanging in my closet, taunting me. They fit well, they look nice, and I really need to patch them in some way.

But how best to do that? I could put a patch on top of the hole or underneath, and try to machine- or hand-stitch for an unobtrusive fix, but I suspect it would just look ... clumsy.

Recently, though, I learned about Japanese boro textiles and shashiko embroidery. Hmmm. Why not go bold?

There's a good introductory article on Design Sponge. I'm thinking I should probably get a little piece of denim and some patching fabric to practice with. Not to mention shashiko needles and thread.

Because and important part of learning a new craft is getting all the right tools and gear. Right?

I'll let you know how it goes!

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