Friday, January 20, 2017


Too large, cobbled together from spare yarn, and badly seamed. But full of heart.

On my way to work today I got honks, thumbs up, a "Thanks for wearing your hat!" and "See you tomorrow!" The latter referring to Saturday's women's march.

I'll be heading downtown with some friends and their young son tomorrow. Colorado might be a purple state, but Denver is decidedly blue. In more ways than one, today.


  1. Looks great! I'll post a picture of me and my pussyhat on my blog (I think). I have to go to a baby shower tomorrow so even though I'm just 10 miles away I won't be at the DC March. I could, of course, get up extra early, Metro down to the Mall, hang out for an hour with the gathering marchers, then Metro back and make it to the shower by 1 PM. But I probably won't. Have a good time tomorrow. Today was painful. I didn't watch the inauguration but I read DT's speech minutes after he delivered it. Very depressing.

  2. I couldn't watch any of it. I'll look at The New York Times later. I'm considering subscribing to The Washington Post, too, just to support them. Plus I trust their coverage.

    Bummer you can't march. I would love to see that crowd. Denver is expecting a pretty good turnout.

    Do share a picture of your hat! Or email it to me if you decide you don't want to blog about it.