Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Sophie is not admiring the flowers, though she should be; they've lasted nearly three weeks! Maybe the squirrel on the fence is.

Pascal is upstairs working on the shelves in the Safari room, and I'm Googling around to find out more about MRIs. One interesting factoid the nurse told me yesterday: If you are a welder or work with metal a lot, MRIs are contraindicated because you might have tiny bits of metal in your eyes. Since the MRI is basically a powerful magnet, it would cause the metal to move around, and "shred your eye," as she put it. Eek!


  1. Take care, you! An injured rotator cuff is not fun! Hope physical therapy is able to fix it for you and you don't need surgery. And thank god you don't weld stuff or do you??

  2. Thanks!

    No, I leave the welding to the professionals. Though I'd like to learn sometime!

  3. I knew a welder whose business card said he could "mend anything but the crack of dawn or a broken heart."

  4. D'oh, I had an error with my last try, but to repeat...

    I had my head scanned once and the procedure is very loud and the room is very cold. You should be fine though, just close your eyes and think of England!

  5. I thought of a lot of things, but England wasn't among them! And yes, it was damn cold in there.