Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gang of four

Manisha tagged me for the meme of four, having not ventured far enough back in my blog to know that Barb tagged me for it more than a year ago. Can you blame her? A lot of posts under the bridge since then! My blog was still Kitt's Knits back then. But Manisha did add one category: Jobs you wish you had.

  1. I'll go along with Manisha's "foot massage quality control" but expand it to Massage School Practice Subject. (My shoulder could use it!)
  2. Restaurant reviewer escort (all of the fun, none of the deadlines)
  3. Luxury hotel secret shopper
  4. Tour guide for a single wealthy yet easy-going individual

Too bad none of them are anything like mortgage-paying reality. Guess I'd better stick with the job I have, which I do like despite its hassles, and which includes insurance!


  1. He! I have read through many of your archives but I guess I didn't go back far enough. [goes red in face] But thanks for being such a great sport and playing along. The meme seems to have lost some of its categories along the way and I have introduced one. Quite like the game of Chinese whispers that we used to play as kids!

    I love your jobs I wish I had! I was thinking of food a lot, too, but then looked down at myself and couldn't see my toes, so I figured I'd leave it alone!

  2. Great list!!

    I haven't been here in awhile - sorry to hear about your arm and the mri and all. Hope you're good as new really soon.

  3. Thanks, Kris!

    Manisha, I don't expect anyone to know or remember everything I've posted. Unless you're a stalker, and that would just be creepy.

    And hey, if we can have a dream job, we can have a dream metabolism too, eh?

  4. If you're a knitting compatriot, too, go to my Queen of Socks blog and read Sheep Musings.

    Knitting and food .... such good companions!


  5. Will do, Dani!

    You should enable comments there; I have stopped by since NaBloWriMo.