Sunday, November 04, 2007

Lunch at Taste of Thailand

Playing catch-up from the weekend, which also included good food. I've been going to Taste of Thailand, on Old Hampden, across from Swedish Hospital, for 10 years now. Always tasty and affordable. They use very fresh ingredients. We had lunch there Friday and started with eggrolls.
The Sergeant (who was in civilian mode still at that point) had masaman curry, which he said was good, but not spicy enough.
I tried the yum mammuang, because really, it had "yum" in its name. A tangy mango salad with lime juice and shrimp. Served with a side of steamed glutinous rice that comes in a little basket. It was a tad too acidic, for me, though.
So, maybe not the best meal I've had there, but I will still recommend it. Nice atmosphere, friendly service, affordable prices, and usually delectable.

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