Monday, November 19, 2007

Going flat out

I did so much today I didn't have time to document photographically (plus I kept forgetting). Mom and I braved Costco, which is usually mellow in Monday morning, but not on the Monday morning before Thanksgiving. That took a couple hours. Got back, put everything away, then took Sophie to the dogwash (treachery!) but went for a long walk after.

Then it was time to tackle the yard again. Raked out the gardens, trimmed back the irises, emptied and stacked the jumble of pots that was scattered all over. Swept the patio. Took the 8-foot ladder out to the alley and managed to remove the massive Virginia creeper that had made its way up the power pole and was creeping along the power lines. (They don't call it creeper for nothing!)

Made dinner. Cleaned up. Mom made me get the TV working, so now she's watching some dancing show upstairs. I'm contemplating going to bed.

Oh wait, I do have photos from today. An encounter with Bruce:
Bruce is my neighbor's cat. He likes dogs and people.
Sophie does not like cats much, unless she can chase them. She learned bad habits regarding cats from Doogie, and had to unlearn them the hard way. Meaning a couple episodes of me holding her down and yelling "YOU WILL DIE A CRUEL AND HORRIBLE DEATH IF YOU EVER EVER EVER TOUCH THAT CAT!!!"

Being a dog, she's hyperspecific, so each new cat has the potential to be lunged at until I sternly tell her "Leave it." She doesn't like that much, but she'll obey. She's getting a good whiff of Bruce here. I'm sure she wished it was a good taste instead.
Bruce says, "Phew, yo feets smell funny."

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